The Power of Music


Is it possible to make someone act in a certain manner just by subjecting that individual to certain types of music?  Yes, manipulation being applied to music has a very wide range of effects in someone’s behavior.  In one aspect think about watching a film without any background music added, the movie seems dull and all out boring to watch.  Without the added effects of music to build up to events taking place the audience would not get the full experience the movie is offering.  In another aspect music can be used to catch someone’s attention to buy a product.  Think about your favorite restaurant, McDonalds for instance has the song and catch phrase “I’m Loving It” even if you don’t like their food the second your hear that jingle your mind automatically interprets that and connects it to McDonalds.  Music is even known to be used in medical practices around the world.  Individuals that suffer from chronic depression have stated that listening to positive styles of music help to cope with their disease.  Brown states that “music has become part of the acoustic landscape of modern society, and there is hardly a place we can avoid it” (p12).

According to Plato, music is a useful instrument for education “because more than anything else rhythm and harmony find their way into the inmost soul and take strongest hold upon it.” In this article it is explained that music prepares children to learn different values of expressing their self.  Think of an upset baby and what the mother does to calm that child down.  She cradles the baby in her arms and sings to it rocking back and forth in a rhythm.  According to Aristotle, all things that we do in life whether its working at your job or at home playing with your kids revolves around some type of music or rhythm.


Does Music play a role in your everyday life, more than you know!


There are many things that affect the world around us.  How we act in a group or the clothes we wear or even the programs we watch on television all have a dramatic impact on the life around us.  There are several things that differentiate us from other parts of the world but one thing we can all relate.  Music is the one thing that will always be defined as the one true universal language.  It can bring people of many different cultures together in praise or it can be used as the sound of war in many third world countries.  Whichever the case may be music is still one of the most powerful ways of communication to this day.

There have been many studies on the different styles of music people listen to and how it affects our thought process.  For instance, someone who is trying to relax will often be listening to slow calming music which will cause the brain to slow down its thought process weaning out only the most important of tasks compared to one who is listening to upbeat styles for musical enjoyment.  Certain types of music will also trigger the brain to analyze the incoming sounds more, causing the person to think harder and be more productive at their work. All aspects must be thought out in choosing the right music to listen to for the occasion.  In society age plays a big role in what music choices which one will listen.  Someone who is a senior citizen is obviously not going to be listening to the same styles of music that an adolescent teenager will be and vice versa. No matter the culture or ethnic background one can almost instantly determine what the song and its meaning is about just by the sounds of the melody.


AXL ROSE, from a whisper to a scream, the one voice heard around the World.


William Bruce Rose Jr. was born in Lafayette, Indiana on February 6, 1962.  Despite his tough upbringing he always kept his head held high.  William reported that music was satanic in his home along with uncovered memories of being sexually abused by his biological father at the age of 2.  William found hope singing in his church choir.  He also studied piano and participated in the school choir.

It was in December of 1982 when William moved out to Los Angeles, California in search of putting together a band that would soon become one of the world’s most renown bands of all time.  Not long after being in LA William met Kevin Lawrence in West Hollywood and joined his band Rapidfire.  The band recorded just a 4 song EP before parting ways.  After Rapidfire William went on to join the band Hollywood Rose with his long time friend Izzy Stradlin.  Not long after Rose joined the band Hollywood Rose guitarist slash and drummer Steven Adler would soon follow before the bands split in 1984. It wasn’t long there after that William adopted the name that would soon be heard around the world. William legally changed his name to W. Axl Rose after his former band AXL. After the split of Hollywood Rose there was still hope for stardom for Axl. After contacting former band members Izzy Stradlin of Hollywood Rose, with members Traci Gunns lead guitarist, bassist Ole Beich and drummer Rob Gardner of L.A. Guns the band Guns N Roses was formed. The idea of the band name came from combining the names of both groups L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose. After only a few shows Beich was replaced with Duff Mckagan and Gunns was replaced with guitarist Slash from Hollywood Rose

In 1985 the band decided to do a short tour of the West Coast all the way from Sacremento to Seattle. After playing many recognizable venues with the band drawing many fans they caught attention from some major record labels in the area. In 1986, the band was signed by Geffen records receiving a $75,000 bonus. It was in the summer of 1987 when they released their self-titled ablum “Appetite for Destruction” which soon became one of the fastest selling albums of all time in the United States. The band released just 4 more albums before slash and most of the original members parted ways in 1994. With just one more album release since the bands split from the original members, Guns N Roses still performs today.